Rooney took the ball out of the column. 28 minutes, Giggs left corner kicked into the restricted area Zach Werenski Jersey, Vidic high jumped header Gongmen succeeded, 1-1. 40 minutes, Carrick in the restricted area before the lob shot, the ball slightly higher than the beam. 42 minutes, Scholes long shot higher, the first half of the two 1-1 draw. The first 49 minutes, Senna 35 meters away from the goal outside the direct wave of the world wave, Van der Sar flying the ball saved, the fight to win the fans cheered Justin Falk Jersey. The first 59 minutes, Gudjo Johnson sent Zhise, Garcia to Robbie - Keane, who single-handed ball into the empty door, but the edge of the flag has long been marked offside in the first ball is invalid. Turan joined Barcelona in the summer of 2015, but because of the FIFA signings, he did not officially go into battle for Barcelona until January 2016. Although Turan in Atletico scenery infinite, but always after the performance of Barcelona Markus Nutivaara Jersey, ??did not get the main position. In the just-concluded season of the Spanish league Curtis Mcelhinney Jersey, Turan only won 14 starting opportunities, the total length of 1244 minutes, only 14 ranked in the team. It is reported that after the end of the season, Turan emptied himself in the base of the locker room of personal items, and Barcelona next season to build the team plan did not Turan.